1. Your site has to be family oriented...NO Porno, NO Profanity, NO Hatred or Discrimination, including any Religious Discrimination.

2. Your graphics must show the proper respect and credit for the artist work.

3. You may NOT alter my graphics in any way...that includes resizing, recoloring, adding text, etc...what you get is how it shall remain.

4. My Premades may not be used for any other purpose other than adoptions. You may not make stationery, tubes, brushes, awards, cards, banners, blinkies....NOTHING!

5. You must have an active Adoption Site to buy my Premades.

6. To protect you (make your adoptions unique) and me (keep my graphics where they belong) you must have the "NO RIGHT CLICK", "NO DRAG", "IE 6 IMAGE TOOLBAR DISABLER" and "DISABLE SELECT" scripts installed on your site. If you have trouble finding these codes please check out my Scripts Link.

7. DONOT offer my graphics for resale. You CANNOT offer them as your own work. Even though you purchased them, I still retain the copyright. Also if you are a "members only" site I will need access to the pages you will be displaying my graphics...I need to keep track of them.

8. You may not RESELL the Premade Adoption Graphic.

9. When you display my Premade Adoption Graphic you must give me credit somewhere on your page with a link to my site.