You have discovered a wonderful place to adopt cute critters and such for your computer home.  If you click on the links below, they will take you directly to all the different adoption agencies that are available to you. There are more to come because there are some sad stories out there of critters needing homes and as soon as I can organize an agency for them they will be put up for adoption. (some of them have to be "cleaned" up for presentation too!)  Each agency explains the rules so I won't bother you with that here.  Now off with you to the agencies and spread the word to your friends.  There are unlimited amounts of critters here looking for new homes.  I am sure you will find one (or more) that is just right for you. *smiles*

Lillypad Adoption Agency frogs - turtles
Woodland Adoption Agency
raccoons - bunnies - squirrel
Farm Yard Adoption Agency
cow - chicken - pig
Winter Wonderland A. A. Christmas Tree
Jungle Adoption Agency elephant
Flowerland Adoption Agency duck-bunny-bear
House Pet Adoption Agency
cats - dog - hamsters - ferret

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