IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat and it is just as the name suggests, a medium for chatting with people all over the world via the internet. All chatting is done with  text messages sent back and forth either in channels or private queries.

About 2 1/2 years ago I discovered IRC; life has not been the same since.  I found chat rooms that had people my age from all over the world.  I found new friends to laugh and cry with. I know more about a person in Timbuktu than I know about the person up the street. I would love to have you meet some of them... You might have the opportunity to meet them if you find yourself on IRC some day: IRC friends

The following is a poem that I received from one of my IRC buddies, Cygnet, that I think gives you a good idea about how we all feel abour our computers once you have been on IRC.

          Every night I lie in bed
          This little prayer inside my head...
          God bless my mom and daddy
          And bless my little boy
          And take care of my husband
          He brings me so much joy.
          And God there's just one more thing
          I wish that You would do,
          If You don't mind me asking,
          To just bless my 'puter too??
          Now I know that its not normal
          To bless a small machine
          But listen just a second
          And I'll try to explain...
          You see, that little metal box
          Holds more than odds and ends.
          Inside those small components
          Rest a hundred loving friends.
          Some, it's true, I've never seen
          And most I've never met;
          We've never shaken hands
          Or ever truly hugged, and yet,
          I know for sure they love me
          By the kindnesses they give,
          And this little scrap of metal
          Is how I get to where they live
          By faith is how I know them,
          Much the same as I know you,
          I share in what life brings them
          So if it's OK with you..
          Just take an extra minute
          From Your duties up above
          To bless this little hunk of steel
          That's filled with so much love.
          ~author unknown~

Go here  for a Special Heavenly IRC Prayer.

You might wonder what we talk about in these channels. Well one of the big things seems to be food. We swap recipes and so I have included some here that I think you will enjoy: Recipes

We also form close friendships and send email back and forth to each other.  Some ot the material in that email is literary pieces we have found and want to share with each other. I would like to share these with you: Literary

Another thing we do is exchange jokes.  I particularly like jokes that have to do with computers, IRC, etc.  Again I would like to share some of these with you: Jokes

In the past I have been a cofounder on a channel called #50+LovingIt, but right now I am very pleased to say that I am one of the cofounders on a wonderful channel.  I and most of my IRC buddies can be found on #50+Bunch on Sandnet. You can use the server irc.sandnet.org to get there.  Hope to see you soon. :))


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