Strawberry Pie
Contributed by anuccia

2 cups diet 7-up (1 can)
1 1/2 tbls Cornstarch (I use 1 tbls)
8 oz box of sugar-free Strawberry Jell-O
Strawberries - fresh cut (or frozen)
graham cracker crust 9 inch (or make your own)
Cool Whip

Combining soda and cornstarch in a sauce pan, bring this mixture to a boil and it will get thick.

Take off heat and add jell-o. Mix well and add strawberries. Mix well again.

Pour into a graham cracker-crust.

Top with Cool Whip

Note: This recipe has almost no calories and taste as though it is a sweet sugar pie, you can't tell the difference from the 1,000 calorie pie, trust me on that. A great pie to entertain with in the afternoon at a tea, or with a heavy dinner or just as a snack.