Low Fat Cooking
Lunches - Salad Dressings
Contributed by Barbmae

  1. Select raw veggies, over those marinated in oily dressings, at a salad bar.
  2. Make tuna salad w/light mayo, nonfat yogurt or mustard instead of regular mayo.
  3. Lend the flavor of cheese to salads, tacos & pastas by grating a small amount on top
  4. Create your own nonfat salad dressing by mixing balsamic vinegar, mustard & herbs. To make a low-fat oil-based dressing, try 3 parts vinegar to one part oil
  5. Order 1 Caesar salad & 1 plain mixed green salad. Toss together & share w/a friend.
  6. Ask for salad dressing on the side, then use the "dig-stab" method: Dip the fork prongs in the dressing & stab a forkful of salad.
  7. Pour salsa, instead of dressing, over salad. Or fill a whole-wheat pita w/your favorite veggies & spice it up w/some salsa.
  8. Bypass fatty salad-bar extras, such as sunflower seeds, chow mien noodles, bacon bits & croutons. If your salad needs extra crunch, crumble melba toast & toss in.
  9. Ask for your sandwich on a hard roll, pita or whole wheat bread as opposed to a croissant.
  10. Garnish your sandwich w/mustard instead of mayo.
  11. Keep your sandwich on the trim side. Stack on no more than 2 or 3 slices of meat. Skip the cheese & avocado
  12. Order low-fat or nonfat frozen yogurt instead of full fat versions. If you feel like indulging in a topping, your best bets are fresh fruit or a tablespoon of sprinkles
  13. Buy such cold cuts as turkey, chicken & lean roast beef instead of fattier bologna, salami & corned beef