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Charlotte....I have made it to 55 years last March and grateful for every day. In those years I have married twice, this time to John for 25 years. We live in St. Louis Missouri. We have 4 sons, 3 of whom are living. From them we have 4 granddaughters. All sons are on their own and doing great. I have retired early from the insurance and investment business, to play on the puter (not really, but good excuse). I have managed a mobile home park from my living room while raising our sons, been a nurse's aide in rest and retirement home, and taken care of most of the kids in Missouri. We have had 55 foster children and maybe 100 grandkids from them. My hobbies are collecting dolls, making porcelain dolls from slip to designing their clothes, plain ordinary everyday cooking, heirloom sewing, and of course, IRC.


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