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Halo!  *big smiles*  My name is angelbleu.

Welcome to my sanctuary.  Please sit down for a moment so we can become better acquainted.  I am happy to meet you and hope that after you have checked out my home page you will have learned something about me.  I would love it if you left me your url address in my guest book so I can learn more about you too. *smiles*

I started my life in Providence, RI.  My parents decided to move back to MA so my mother could be closer to her family.  This took place when I was 9 months old so my recollection of RI is very dim. *smiles*  I thought that we could learn about RI together, so I am putting together some links to explore.  Hope you find them as interesting as I do. I will add more as I locate them.

I lived in New Bedford, MA while I was growing up.  It is called the "Gateway To The Cape" and "The Whaling City".  It was there that my love of the sea developed.  I have wonderful childhood memories.  My parents loved to fish and we sure went to the beach a lot. *smiles*  I remember that on hot nights, my parents would take a ride to the shore and watch the fisherman while I walked the beach enjoying the cool breeze in my hair and that wonderful smell of the sea.

When my father could no longer find employment in MA, we moved to Hartford, CT.  I lived the real city life there.  I worked in a downtown high-rise office and in several places on the outskirts of that city. Some time after I married we decided to try a change of pace, we moved to NY.

Now here is a woman who never owned a pair of jeans, who had to go to a rummage sale to buy old clothes to work in a dairy farm community of 800 people.  This was quite a culture shock!  I felt at peace though and have never regretted the decision.

Please check out my links and I hope you find some that will be interesting to you.

Since this page has grown so much and I know that people are checking it often, I have added an UPDATE page.  Whenever I add something to this site I will list it there for your convenience.  I hope this will make it more enjoyable for you.

My Door

Upon entering this door you will be able to follow my links.  My hopes are that you will find something of interest and will return to visit me often.  My door will always be open to you.  All I ask is that you sign my guest book so I know you have been here and let me know if you did enjoy your visit.

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