The other day I prayed to God, While in my chair I sat, And while I shared with Him my words, My cat crept to my lap.

I thought perhaps God told her, To come up and sit with me, And as I petted her and prayed, She purred against my knee.

"Are you praying, too, my pet?" I softly questioned her, Her paws were crossed upon my breast, She answered with more purrs.

I said, "God loves little kitty cats," And gently tugged her ear, Then I had this wondrous feeling. That God was standing near.

I wondered then if animals, Have lines direct to God, That their naive faith and trust, Are the very things God loves.

Why can't man have faith in God, Like a pet has in its master? Oh, how happy God would be, And would not our love be vaster.

And if man would worship at God's feet, And express such adoration, Perhaps God might be pleased at last, With the results of His creation.

I pray that I could be as smart, As the animal I tend, And be as devoted to my Master, With such love that has no end.

So, purr your heart out, little pet, You know that God does hear, And I will pray my heart out, too, We both will reach His ear.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis ©2000

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