One Day I was shopping with my girlfriend and she had to buy some filters for her fish tank. In the store I fell in love with a beautiful blue beta. I couldn't get that beautiful fish out of my mind and decided I would buy a fish bowl and bring him home.(fish version found here put together by my Secret Sis Ccheroke) That was the beginning of a new hobbie. I now have 2 aquariums, one is a 20 gallon tank that holds my tropical fish and the other is a 10 gallon tank that holds my fancy goldfish. I loved decorating there homes. Contrary to what most people think, you don't just throw fish into water and watch them swim. By checking out the links that I have placed on this page you will see there is alot more to it than that. This is a very rewarding hobby as it is very relaxing and restful to sit and watch the fish swimming. If you notice when you go to a doctors office, dentist office and probably a lawyers office, you will find aquariums in their reception areas. They are placed there for a reason. To help you to relax. I have had children come to visit and even the most energetic child will head right for the tanks and sit and watch the antics of the fish. When my father found himself in the position of living alone, he wanted a pet but was reluctant to take on the care of a dog or cat I set him up with a very small aquarium. He now has a 5 gallon tropical tank which fits his lifestyle very well and he tells me brings him great pleasure. Researching the links for this page made me aware of all the great information on the web on this subject and I can't wait to check them out more thoroughly myself. Even if you do not own fish, the beautiful pictures of the various species might bring you some enjoyment. Hope that you find some pleasure in investigating the following links and I will be adding more as I find them.



897.gif Angelsplus Home Page
897.gif The Aquatic Book Shop
897.gif Bob's Tropical Fish Home Page
897.gif Freshwater Tropical Fish Exporter
897.gif Cathy's Homepage of Tropical Fish Keeping
897.gif The Krib: Aquaria and Tropical Fish
897.gif Breeding Tropical Fish
897.gif Tropical Fish Store
897.gif Exotic Tropical Fish
897.gif Cataluna's Tropical Fish Page
897.gif RWT's Goldfish Information Page
897.gif The Goldfish Sanctuary
897.gif Glimmering Goldfish Facts from A-Z



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