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Below you will find pictures that I would love to share with you from my front lawn.  I will be adding to this page as I get more scanned.  This year I have worked very hard to make our lawn look special as both my husband and I love flowers.  My husband was not feeling well enough to help me do the planting and laying out the pine mulch but as you can see in these photos he has contributed a lot to the beauty of our yard in past years.

This is a view of our front yard.  As you can see it is not flat.  We like the small hills.  I have 4 large planters showing here.  Below is close ups of them.

This planter is very special to us.  A neighbor down the road had a farm and she planned on making this old corn blower into a planter but they had to move away.  She gave us the blower on the condition that we fulfill her dream of making it into a beautiful planter.  Hope she enjoys the picture as much as I enjoy the planter.
My husband put this together for me to plant in.  The bed is part of a hay conveyor, the wheels in the back are from a piece of equipment that was horse drawn and used for discing, the front support is from a concrete wheelbarrow and the tongue is from a big roller.  It is fun to see people trying to figure out what it was. :))

grnplanter.jpgThis is a picture of my ground planter where I am trying various perennials amongst the annuals. Some day I will get this looking the way I want with less work.

well.jpgI asked my husband to build me a small wishing well like the ones I had seen on other peoples lawns.  The finished product can be rented out to a family of 4 for the summer.

This is the front entrance and I have 5 fushia plants (one of my favorites). The humming birds love them.  The porch is all screened in and we can sit and watch them enjoy the natural nectar.


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