To My Very Good Friend

We have all had many friends throughout our lives,
but only a few of them we would call good friends.
That's because being a good friend involves time
and understanding and love, which can be difficult
to share with another..........
When I think of my good friends, I always think about you,
because that is what you have been to me.
You have taken the time to be there when I needed you,
and you have listened to me when my life was changing.
You have always cared enough to try to understand my feelings
and help me to understand myself.
And most important, your consideration and honesty have
shown be that your friendship is true....
symbolizing a very special kind of love that only a few friends
ever share with one another.
Thank you for being such a good friend to me, and for all the
joys we have known together.
-Laura Medley

*****Contributed by Cygnet*****