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There's a little place called the Acorn Tree
Where a bunch of nuts gather round
They love to play on the branches
So many sweet nuts can be found

There's the head nut who is such a joy
Her name is Victorian Von
She brightens each day with her warm hello's
She stays for a while, then she's gone

David, the head nut's other half
Drifts in and out at will
He offers wisdom, wit and advice
Until we've all had our fill

Peni, our sweet and lovely flower
Greets us all with a smile
She never stays long when she visits us
But, we know she'll be back in a while

Krys is such a wonderful nut
She's always there with a helping hand
If anyone needs some help with a page
She's there at our command

Annabananna is a happy nut
She offers us laughs every day
Her jokes and laughter fill the tree
In a most delightful way

Then there's our sweet Angelbleu
Who offers us daily delight
With adorable pets for us to adopt
And the best thing... these pets don't bite

Mac is our very own dragon man
With beautiful gifts for us all
And if we need help with anything
He's at our beck and call

Our sweet Mama Millie is a true delight
With her wonderful stories well told
And recipes for yummy meals
And advice for us all to hold

Ginny, our dear sweet Ginny
With love for everyone
So easy to love and to respect
And so full of laughter and fun

And of course, Frau Dee, with strength and pride
Reminds us all that in life
There's so much we need to be thankful for
Regardless of troubles and strife

Les is a joy with her angel voice
Singing such beautiful songs
And sharing with us such interesting things
About the place where she belongs

And let's not forget rab, our Scottish friend
Whose wisdom and caring she shares
With pictures and words straight from the heart
Honesty and beauty so rare

There are so many more that I haven't named
Too many to tell about here
But, you'll see them all in the Acorn Tree
And each one is very rare

So, come up the tree and share a branch
With a lovely nut or two
I guarantee you'll have a good time
They all will welcome you

FreSpirit 2000



Thank You Jankyn for giving me my papers!! hehehe!


Thank You MuddaNut

Thank You Everyone


Thank you to all the members for this beautiful gift.
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This gift is from my Nutty Buddy Mac in honor of my new mouse...LOL

Thanks Mac.....I love it!!

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A wonderful gift from My Secret Buddy - 2000 hawki
Watch the pretty colors!!
Thank You


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Thank You Geoff


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