My New Home

Hi, Let me introduce myself...I am a Tropical Blue Beta fish and one day I was minding my own business swimming around my part of the aquarium in the store, when all of a sudden I noticed these two women stop.

One lady really stared at me. She moved out of my way so I could finally look around the aisle again, and sure enough, she came back over by the tank and seemed to be staring and talking to her friend, and pointing right at ME, some odd reason I just felt she liked ME.

Wow I have been swimming around here for who knows how long hoping someone would come along and maybe take me to their home. Other fish have told me some stories about humans thinking we make nice 'pets' pets that is; Well before you know it I was observing a net scooping me up and sure enough I was the lucky one to get a NEW home and if I could of jumped out of that water to Kiss her I would have! She was so busy looking around at fish bowls,food and other aquarium items, but gees I just wanted to give her one wet Kiss to say Thank YOU!!!

I hear these humans have dependents that they can claim on something called taxes, but I have NO idea what that is and sometimes wonder if it will help her, cause gees I sure would love to do that also ---be her dependent she can claim on her taxes. It is true...I am her whoever sees this and can give her a tax break...Please do so.

Meanwhile, I swam by another friend and My fellow fish friend was nice enough to come up with this idea 'The Thank YOU' which I never gave to my owner, whose name is Angelbleu... and hey want to see what I kinda look like, I could not take my own pic but I am a Blue Beta and here is a closest look alike pic.

Oh here is my owner...too...that's me giving her a Rose! If you want to visit her web page..just clic our pics!


bubble bubble bubble...I love YOU Angelbeu!