Welcome To Ollie's House

Wondering who Ollie is?  Well he is a Purpie Bean and I found him in this little village.


But he was lonely because he is an orphan and no one had a home for him.  So I adopted him.
See, this is his official adoption papers.


Built him that house you saw when you entered...nice huh?  Then I proceeded to spoil him.  Wanna see his room?  Boy will you be impressed.  I think he is in there playing now.  Let's go.

win-d.gif win-d.gif win-d.gif win-d.gif
shelf2.gif a-darts.gif billypix.gif bottle.gif
dreslmp.gifsm-tabl2.gif swing.gifhighchr.gif bed.gif chair.gif
buggy.giftreats.gif sp-5-yoyo.giffood.gif 
 Isn't he adorable?  I just love to spoil him.  WAIT!! there is more.  You haven't seen his toy box yet.  Most of his toys are in there. It's a big one and holds a lot of fun stuff.


Do you want to see what is in it? OKay, well just click on it and it will open up and you can peek inside.

Okay...... so he is a little spoiled.   I ahhh ehhh hmmmmm also got him a pet.  Well Purpie Beans love hedgehogs.  You didn't know that did you?  Well it's a fact, sooooooooooooo I got him one.  Wanna see him? Okay, open this door and you will be able to visit with him.  He has his own room.......he's a bit spoiled too.



Guardian Angel will fly you back
out of house

Graphics by Billy Bear

toybox graphic by and a buddy
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