Cupid's Nightstick
from redstart's
Lake Erie Lounge

4 ˝ oz champagne, chilled
2 oz Alizé
1 dash Triple Sec

Pour Alizé over small amount of crushed ice in chilled
champagne flute; top with the champagne and dash of
Triple Sec and stir very gently.  Serve at once; drink with
determined purpose and proper reverence.

Note: The above recipe was devised on February 14, 1995, in Cleveland, Ohio, in the course of a lengthy tour of the near west side's biker bars in the company of two barmaids. Participants' recollections of the proper ingredient
proportions (and, frankly, most everything else) vary
wildly.  It is suggested that you refine the proportions given here over an undemanding weekend and report back.