A Celebration of Roses
Your favorite flower is the rose. I visited your web site and saw the pictures of all of your beautiful flowers that surround your home. I must say you have a green thumb. I to love flowers, roses being my favorite as well. Enjoy the roses I have put here for you.
bullet.gifThe Perfect Rosebullet.gif

The perfect rose of spring time

Has a beauty all its own.

Its smell is very special,

The sweetest I have ever known.

The perfect rose blooms shyly

Opening slowly , peeking through,

Sending out a message,

From my heart to you.

The special rose of summer,

Blooms with a boldness of its own.

Sending its aroma  freely 

To everywhere its  petals blown.

Pick the special rose of summer,

Dry the Petals on their own,

The aromas stay with you a long time,

With a sweetness before unknown.

The fragile leaves of autumn,

Now fading on their own,

While the winds blow in around it

Petals falling off and down.

The rose doesn't bloom in winter,

It sleeps as most things on its own.

The waiting almost over,

Branches grow again renown.

But the perfect rose of spring time

Is the sweetest  I have known,

With its beauty and its shyness,

Is the best one to have known.

BGD    12-16-97
bulleta.gifrose: common name for some members of the family Rosaceae, herbs, shrubs, and trees distributed over most of the earth. Roses are often thorny, and many typically have a fleshy fruit, such as a rose hip or an apple. The largest genera are Rubus, including the blackberry, raspberry, loganberry, and other BRAMBLES; Rosa, the true oses; and Prunus, including the ALMOND, APRICOT, CHERRY, NECTARINE, PEACH, and PLUM. Other members of the family, also of economic importance, are the APPLE, PEAR, QUINCE, and STRAWBERRY. The true roses, the most popular ornamentals of the family, are esteemed as cultivated plants and as cut flowers for their often fragrant, showy blossoms. Attar of rose, a PERFUME oil, is obtained from the damask rose, and the rose hips of R. rugosa are a source of VITAMIN C. Favorite flowers in many lands since prehistoric times, roses have been used medicinally and eaten in preserves and salads. New York, North Dakota, Iowa, and the District of Columbia have adopted different species of rose as their emblems, and it is the national flower of the U.S.
Roses are Red

Violets are blue

I'm so happy to have 

a Secret Sis like you!