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This is a picture of a portion of my backyard.  We have 15 acres in trees and they all look like sticks now...those that aren't bent.

This photo was taken out my kitchen window....shows how the weight knocked over the chain-link fence..those big globs of ice on the ground are actually little twigs sticking up.

Those are my three geese in the water.  We were very worried about them because it was so slippery they could not walk up the embankment to come get feed. <they have forgotten how to fly>  After about 3 days they finally made it.

My poor <sob> car.  We had to literally chop it out.  It was froze to the ground.  My car was not as bad as some I saw as it was protected somewhat by the building.  Everyone was getting the ice off the cars with hammers.

This is my favorite picture.  I caught the sun just starting to break through the clouds.  The icicles you see are the ones hanging for the roof.

This photo was taken a few days after storm when the ice was gone from the trees.  You can see the damage to them since now they are all topped and look like sticks.  Some trees seem to be permanently bent to the ground.

This photo was taken of my neighbors willow tree.... a truly ugly sight.  So many branches are gone and so many are broken.  Notice the white birch laying on their house....They have a hedge of cedar trees in front of house and one is snapped in the middle.  Now they have to cut all the others down to match.

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