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I was taking a walk around the farm and I noticed that this place has really grown. It is more than I can take care of by myself so I have decided to down-size. I am going to put up some cows for adoption. If you like fresh milk then this is a chance for you to have your very own cow.

Haven't you always wanted to own your very own piggy. Well now is your chance. We have a lot of them that want to go to good homes. They are very smart and make a good pet so hurry and get yours.

I have also been out to the chicken coop and what I saw out there really got my attention. We have a rare looking chicken breed living there. But a great egg producer. So I am putting up some of these Goofy Looking Birds up for adoption.

There is only ONE thing you HAVE to do. You have to right click and save the graphic to your harddrive. Please link the graphic to:

so that your friends and family can find a link back to this farm and help me down-size. There are plenty of farm animals to go around.

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