Okay, I am not going to tell you I took a walk in my back yard and found this critter needing adoption. It was actually a phone call from a zoo keeper that made me open up this agency. You see he told me that the past year an abundance of jungle type critters where born and the zoo was overflowing with them. He asked if I could help him out because he had heard about my worldwide famous *snicker snicker* agencies. I said I would do my best.

Well we have elephants ready to go. You can imagine what the zoo must be like with too many elephants. I hope that you can find a spot in your home for one of these adorable animals.

There is only ONE thing you HAVE to do. You have to right click and save the graphic to your harddrive. Please link the graphic to:


so that your friends and family can find a link back to this jungle and help me down-size. There are plenty of elephants to go around.


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