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I was taking a walk out by the Lilly Pond when I noticed something I hadn't noticed before. The croaking coming from the pond was so loud and it sounded like it was coming from 100's of frogs. As I approached, I discovered that was exactly the reason for all the noise. The pond was just loaded with frogs....too many for the small pond. They were looking up at me with those big eyes and pleading with me to find them some homes at other ponds. Wow!! There is a lot of turtles in this pond too. I think I better take some action. This is where YOU come in. If you would like to adopt one of these frogs or turtles and help get this pond back to normal it would be greatly appreciated.

There is only ONE thing you HAVE to do. You have to right click and save the graphic to your harddrive. Please link the graphic to:

so that your friends and family can find a link back to this pond to help get things under control also. There are plenty of frogs and turtles to go around.


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Frogs and turtle were handpainted by Lynn Rose
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