Wait till you see what I have for you to adopt. On my property we have groves of trees. As I was walking down a path I felt all these eyes looking at me. I looked around and finally saw why I had that feeling. THERE WERE EYES LOOKING AT ME!! Lots of them. One of the groves was all decorated and smiling at me. They had a spokestree(man) that spoke to me and asked if I could find them a home. They were all dressed up and no place to go. They wanted to show off how wonderful they looked.

I have agreed to let them be adopted and live at your home so you can show them off. There is only ONE thing you HAVE to do. You have to right click and save the graphic to your harddrive. Please link the graphic to:


so that your friends and family can find a link back to this wonderland and help me find all the trees a place to live and show off their beauty. There are plenty of trees to go around.


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