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I was taking a walk around the pond when I heard someone trying to get my attention from the woods.  "Hey Lynn", the raccoon said....."have you noticed anything different about the woods"?  I looked around and noticed that it was greatly populated. Mr. Raccoon said .."Yes!  The birthrate around here has vastly increased (well spoken raccoon don'tcha think?) and we have the same problem as the frogs.   Since you have been so successful finding homes for the frogs we were wondering if you could do the same for us." Okay...whew this is a large undertaking as there are a lot of different animals living in the woods.  I will start with the raccoons and bunnys and see if I can find some other beautiful woodland sites for them to live in.  This is where I need your help again.

There is only ONE thing you HAVE to do. You have to right click and save the graphic to your harddrive. Please link the graphic to:

so that your friends and family can find a link back to these woods to help get things under control also. There are plenty of woodland critters to go around.


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